Introduction to Financial Analysis Techniques

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Fundamental Analysis
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14 hour 26 minute total time
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  • Financial statements and their features
  • Income statement interpretation
  • Net working capital analysis
  • Items constituting equity and their importance


Financial analysis is the process of using analytical tools to the accounting data of businesses to show their financial status and activity outcomes. The balance sheet and income statements, which are the firm's financial statements, are used in financial analysis. It may be divided into categories based on its range, goal, and connection the analyst has with the company. The fundamental methods of ratio analysis, trend percentage analysis, percentage analysis, and comparison table analysis are applied while analyzing financial accounts. It should be remembered when performing analysis that the fundamental financial statements do not reflect the current situation of the company.

The purpose of this course is to give stock investors, business management, and individuals who must perform company analysis information on how to evaluate financial statements and the ability to do so at a level that satisfies their daily demands. How to arrive at values that reflect a company's true position and how stock investors might use this information to assess will be covered in the program. This training will also be useful for personnel in the finance sector who want to assess a firm's legitimacy and for corporate leaders who want to keep an eye on their businesses.


Cahit Yılmaz
Cahit Yılmaz
Faculty Member, Finance and Investment Advisor


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Course Content

16 chapters76 videos14 hour 26 minute total time
  • Introduction21:32
Getting to Know Financial Statements
  • Creating a Company 121:07
  • Creating a Company 225:24
  • Understanding Balance Sheet Items 117:01
  • Understanding Balance Sheet Items 210:51
  • Understanding Balance Sheet Items 315:09
  • Balance Sheet Summary10:43
  • Short-Term Liabilities 110:19
  • Short-Term Liabilities 210:04
  • AKSA Introduction10:46
  • AKSA Balance Sheet Notes07:13
  • AKSA Asset Analysis08:51
  • AKSA Liability Analysis10:28
  • AKSA Balance Sheet Graphic Analysis07:49
Getting to Know the Income Statement
  • Getting to Know the Income Statement08:06
  • Income Statement TDH Plan Introduction19:58
Introduction to Financial Analysis
  • Introduction to Financial Analysis16:47
  • Vertical Percentage Analysis18:37
  • Ratio Analysis16:48
  • Liquidity Ratio Analysis12:30
  • Liquidity Ratio Analysis for AKSA06:59
  • Activity Ratios Analysis18:03
  • Activity Analysis for AKSA07:08
  • Financial Ratios15:12
  • Financial Ratios Example16:48
  • Dupont Analysis for AKSA06:55
  • Things to Consider When Analyzing Ratios09:59
  • MGROS Introduction05:43
  • MGROS Asset and Liability Analysis15:34
  • MGROS Income Statement Analysis06:43
  • MGROS Liquidity Sales Analysis09:27
  • MGROS Activity Efficiency Analysis07:09
  • MGROS Dupont Analysis06:02
Fastweb Financial Analysis Example
  • Tesco Kipa 111:22
  • Tesco Kipa 211:02
  • Tesco Kipa Dupont Analysis07:45
Net Working Capital Analysis
  • Net Working Capital Analysis17:32
  • Calculating Working Capital Needs with the Operating Cycle09:51
  • Factors Determining Working Capital Needs12:43
  • Interpreting Changes in Working Capital08:09
Top Cat
  • Top Cat Analysis 113:49
  • Top Cat Analysis 213:30
  • Top Cat Analysis 312:44
  • Top Cat Analysis 405:53
Guide for Using the Financial Analysis Format
  • Guide for Using the Financial Analysis Format07:45
Fund Flow Analysis
  • Fund Flow Analysis 113:30
  • Fund Flow Analysis 211:48
Examples on Ratios
  • Liquidity Analysis for DEVA16:11
  • Sales Profitability Ratios Analysis for DEVA14:05
  • Activity Efficiency Analysis for DEVA10:03
  • Dupont Analysis for DEVA11:24
  • Using Balance Sheet Notes for DEVA22:00
  • Dividend Performance for DEVA07:11
  • Explanation of Market Indicators13:13
  • DEVA Analysis with Market Indicators06:42
Point Analysis
  • Point Analysis Study 109:16
  • Point Analysis Study 205:11
  • Point Analysis Study 303:20
  • Point Analysis Study 407:38
Cash Flow Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis15:45
Questions and Reminders
  • Questions and Reminders 117:17
  • Questions and Reminders 212:58
  • Questions and Reminders 311:09
KLMSN Review
  • KLMSN Introduction04:16
  • KLMSN Comparative Analysis13:55
  • KLMSN Vertical Analysis07:02
  • KLMSN Horizontal Analysis06:56
  • KLMSN Trend Analysis05:13
  • KLMSN Liquidity Financial Structure Analysis07:44
  • KLMSN Profitability Growth Analysis07:56
  • KLMSN Value Analysis06:18
PENGD Review
  • PENGD Introduction11:19
  • PENGD Horizontal and Vertical Analysis13:27
  • PENGD Trend Analysis10:07
  • PENGD Ratio Analysis13:10
  • PENGD Evaluation06:26

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TRY 540.80

14 hour 26 minute total time
1 downloadable documents
2 analysis program
Lifetime access
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