To Be an Investor in the Stock Market and the Vital Significance of Education

Do you yearn to amass wealth in the stock market and attain financial abundance? Are you focused on short-term gains or long-term success? This course offers compelling and strategic wisdom, providing the answers you seek. Delve into a world of captivating insights, empowering you to master the art of both short-term gains and long-term prosperity.

Fundamental Analysis

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  • Embracing the essence of value investing instead of the market chasing
  • Recognizing the potential of long-term value and substantial gains
  • Understanding the importance of making decisions based on the value of a company
  • Understanding what it means to focus on the bigger picture instead of short-term and exhausting transactions
  • Riding the ascending trend wave
  • Recognizing how education and training affect earnings in the stock market


This training has two main objectives. The first is to clearly and comprehensibly convey the perspective one should adopt when investing in the stock market. Unfortunately, most transactions in the stock market are short-term, and the majority of investors approach it intending to fulfill their immediate needs. Often, this involves taking high risks, doubling their exposure, and, more often than not, leading to disappointing results. This training vividly and concretely explains how value is built over the long term and showcases remarkable examples of substantial gains achieved through long-term investments in good and robust companies. When you look at the history of the stock market, you will see countless individuals saying, 'I wish I hadn't sold.' Many say, 'If only I had held onto it, I would have this much money now.' The aim is to convey to the audience that the stock market is a place where you can build your future and that the ultimate goal is not just to make money but to create wealth. The second objective of this training is to provide someone who has never taken a video course before with an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in this field. It also aims to familiarize the participant with the instructor, their teaching style, and demonstrate the extent to which such training can be beneficial. Regardless of the field, acquiring education in a specific area has always proven advantageous, providing individuals with greater expertise. As you will discover in this training, getting lost in short-term fluctuations is the biggest obstacle to recognizing long-term opportunities and can result in losses. Additionally, attempting to gauge a company's future based solely on its stock chart is far removed from fundamental principles. Once you can assess a company's value, you will realize how insignificant short-term volatility is and how it is possible to multiply your earnings.


Tuncay Turşucu
Tuncay Turşucu
Mathematical Engineer and Financial Analyst

Course Content

3 chapters3 videos47 minute total time
  • Introduction15:15
Becoming an Investor in the Stock Market
  • Becoming an Investor in the Stock Market29:22
  • Closing Remark02:53

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