Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Is blockchain technology the future? Are cryptocurrencies just speculative assets?

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  • Recognizing cryptocurrencies and tokens with their common features and differences
  • Grasping different types of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Crypto Market Types
  • Understanding the fundamental characteristics of blockchain technology
  • Comprehending the technical features of blockchain technology
  • Understanding blockchain technology and the place of cryptocurrencies in the economy


As technology advances rapidly, new products and systems are quickly making their way into the financial ecosystem. However, keeping up with this fast-paced change in the financial landscape is becoming increasingly challenging. In contrast, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, touted as the systems of the future, have captured the attention of investors. Yet, ventures and investments made without sufficient knowledge about these new systems often result in failure.

Understanding the fundamental features of these products and technologies is crucial for effectively managing our investments and gaining insights into their future significance. Those who receive education on blockchain and cryptocurrencies will acquire valuable knowledge not only about their key characteristics and strengths but also about the prominent cryptocurrency markets in the financial system. This educational program is ideal for those who wish to examine the development of cryptocurrencies from their inception until now in order to anticipate their present and future.


Ayben Koy
Ayben Koy

Course Content

8 chapters8 videos1 hour 54 minute total time
  • Introduction02:48
Cryptocurrency Concept and Types
  • Cryptocurrency Concept and Types23:02
  • Tokens14:16
IPOs and Crypto Stock Exchanges
  • IPOs and Crypto Stock Exchanges16:37
Characteristics of Blockchain
  • Characteristics of Blockchain17:06
Wallets, Smart Contracts, and Use Cases of Blockchain
  • Wallets, Smart Contracts, and Use Cases of Blockchain10:06
Major Cryptocurrencies and Recent Developments
  • Major Cryptocurrencies and Recent Developments26:20
Closing Remark
  • Closing Remark04:35

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