Cryptocurrency Investment and Analysis Methods

Perform your own analysis and buy low, sell high in cryptocurrencies without relying on others!

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  • Getting to know the concepts of investment and investor
  • Trading on cryptocurrency exchanges
  • To identify the most suitable cryptocurrencies with fundamental analysis methods
  • To be able to determine the buying-selling points with technical analysis methods for cryptocurrencies
  • Considerations when investing in cryptocurrencies


In today's world, numerous financial instruments are available, and cryptocurrency investment continues to attract the attention of investors as a popular asset. Especially with its significant gains of over 2000% from 2019 to mid-2021, it has caught the attention of individuals who were not previously involved in investing and encouraged them to become investors. Cryptocurrency investments began without the investors having a deep understanding of cryptocurrencies worldwide and the underlying blockchain technology. Due to their different working principles compared to traditional financial instruments (such as stocks or commodities), additional education and research are necessary. Cryptocurrencies are easily created investment assets due to their technology. With knowledge of blockchain and software, it is possible to create your own cryptocurrency. As a result, there are thousands of different cryptocurrencies traded today.

So, as investors, which cryptocurrency should we invest in? Fundamental analysis methods can help identify cryptocurrencies suitable for investment. Technical analysis methods can be used to determine entry and exit prices when investing in specific cryptocurrencies. Sentiment analysis can also be utilized to gauge the sentiment of the investor community.

You can make successful investment decisions without relying on others by applying analysis methods in your cryptocurrency investments.


  • Basic understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies


Mustafa Küçükakarsu
Mustafa Küçükakarsu
Biomedical Engineer, Computer Engineer, Finance Instructor and Cryptocurrency Analyst

Course Content

8 chapters46 videos8 hour 50 minute total time
  • Introduction02:42
Investment and Investor Concepts
  • Savings and Investment Classifications09:46
  • How to Invest and Investment Objectives07:39
  • Investor Psychology15:58
How does Cryptocurrency Markets Work
  • How does Cryptocurrency Markets Work25:24
  • Sign-up Process in Cryptocurrency Markets09:28
  • Deposit and Withdraw in Cryptocurrency Markets08:46
  • Cryptocurrency Markets13:23
  • Order Types in Cryptocurrency Markets26:57
  • Exchanging Between Cryptocurrency Markets18:07
  • Concept of Arbitrage in Cryptocurrencies07:55
Analysis Methods in Cryptocurrencies
  • Analysis Methods in Cryptocurrencies09:06
  • Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis Differences07:13
  • Sentiment Analysis in Cryptocurrencies16:42
Fundamental Analysis in Cryptocurrencies
  • Fundamental Analysis in Cryptocurrencies and Website Review13:34
  • Exchanges Where Cryptocurrencies Are Listed05:28
  • Reviewing Social Medias of Cryptocurrency11:42
  • Total/Circulating Supply-Price Balance of Cryptocurrency12:33
  • Hash Rate of Cryptocurrency06:26
  • Liquidity and Volume of Cryptocurrency11:08
  • Whitepaper of Cryptocurrency17:45
  • Examining the Team Behind Cryptocurrency10:01
  • Examining the Competitors of Cryptocurrency05:50
  • Examining the Sponsors of Cryptocurrency07:57
  • Following the News for Cryptocurrencies 113:14
  • Following the News for Cryptocurrencies 212:48
Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Candlestick Charts12:52
  • Support and Resistance Concepts14:00
  • Trends13:00
  • Channels08:44
  • Introduction to Indicators and Simple Moving Averages26:04
  • EMA and DEMA08:42
  • Bollinger Bands10:30
  • RSI10:33
  • MACD13:25
  • Fisher Transform07:43
  • Parabolic SAR04:39
  • Chaikin Oscillator08:02
  • Aroon Oscillator07:58
  • Fibonacci Retracement10:10
  • Trend Based Fibonacci Extension07:03
Things to Consider When Trading
  • Setting Stop-Loss and Take Profit Prices30:50
  • Risk Management and Trading Psychology08:03
  • Gradual Trading07:48
  • Advices for Cryptocurrency Investors11:52
  • Closure01:09

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