Fundamentals of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The new revolution after the internet! Learn about blockchain technology and what you're investing in!

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  • Learning about blockchain technologies
  • Exploring the many sorts of trades that may be carried out using blockchain technology
  • Understanding the differences between traditional money and cryptocurrency
  • A hands-on grasp of the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies
  • Have a general understanding of bitcoin and altcoin mining


Blockchain technology, often regarded as the greatest revolution since the internet, is a distributed database system that connects blocks in a chain and serves as an ever-growing encrypted transaction registry. This system enables the development of applications that improve our lives in various industries and areas, including finance, government, health, research, and industry. Payment transactions, money transfers, clearing management, authorization and verification, digital identity management applications, global voting transactions in the state services, energy distribution, smart contracts, digital identity, and tax tracking applications are examples of these applications.

This course has been designed to discuss Blockchain technology and the applications of this revolutionary technology. With this course, which is prepared with the assumption that you have no expertise, you will learn about Blockchain technology and the most prevalent use of cryptocurrency. You will be able to discover what advantages cryptocurrencies offer in comparison to the already utilized money kinds and leverage these advantages. Although cryptocurrencies are the most prominent application of Blockchain technology, this course will also cover digital tokens, smart contracts, and DOA-DAC structures, which are alternative applications. After learning about blockchain technology, you may use it to your needs or make better-informed decisions about your crypto money investments. Knowing the instrument you invest in and its limitations will give you a more efficient transaction movement. Cryptocurrencies are an investment tool, and like other forms of investments, they should be closely monitored, examined, and transactions carried out through various analyses such as purchasing and selling.


Mustafa Küçükakarsu
Mustafa Küçükakarsu
Biomedical Engineer, Computer Engineer, Finance Instructor and Cryptocurrency Analyst

Course Content

7 chapters38 videos7 hour 32 minute total time
  • Introduction02:55
Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies
  • Introduction to Blockchain24:28
  • Types of Blockchain04:33
  • Use Cases of Blockchain16:24
  • Tokens11:50
  • Smart Contracts19:06
  • DAO, DAC and LAO08:16
  • Other Use Cases of Blockchain12:14
  • Common Blockchain Networks24:57
  • Mining17:16
  • Definition of Currency and Currency Types10:09
  • Differences Between Cryptocurrencies and Other Currency Types13:05
  • Birth of Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin08:30
  • Ownership of Cryptocurrency04:29
  • Cryptocurrenccy Wallets07:55
  • Definitions 112:40
  • Definitions 216:07
  • Bitcoin Dominance07:15
  • Definition of DeFi09:53
  • DeFi Use Cases and Disadvantages13:05
  • Definition of Dex09:17
  • Compound04:04
  • Kyber Network08:08
  • UniSwap06:46
  • AAVE07:25
  • Definition of NFT07:47
  • Fungible - Non Fungible Tokens and NFT Trading08:00
  • Creating MetaMask Wallet and NFT17:16
Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange and How It Works16:52
  • Getting to Know Cryptocurrency Exchanges29:44
  • Sign-up Process in Binance and BTCTürk15:05
  • Deposit and Withdraw in Cryptocurrency Exchanges15:10
  • Order Types in Cryptocurrency Exchanges12:48
  • Commissions and Inter-Exchange Money Transfer15:45
  • Arbitrage Concept06:08
  • Risk Management06:56
  • Advices for New Investors16:21
  • Closure03:02

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