Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin

The key to trading with encrypted currency! You will gain a thorough understanding of cryptocurrency and be able to make wise investments thanks to this course.

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  • Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin
  • Cryptography and blockchain
  • Trading transactions and orders
  • Mining fundamentals


Digital money protected by cryptography and completely unsupported by physical assets or securities is known as cryptocurrency, which first gained prominence with Bitcoin. The features of cryptocurrencies are shown by the fact that they are not supported by a centralized authority and operate on decentralized networks using a technology called the blockchain. Investors' preferences for cryptocurrencies can be attributed to their mobility, divisibility, inflation resilience, and transparency.

The purpose of this course is to investigate and introduce the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin, particularly in light of the recent returns it has offered. The initial point of emphasis will be on the definition, creation method, and characteristics of cryptocurrencies. The factors to take into account while trading with Bitcoin and an analysis of the gains and losses in these transactions will be shared with the investors in light of this knowledge. The difficulty of mining Bitcoin in this process, as well as the Altcoins that formed, as a result, will be discussed after the course.


Beyhan Yaslıdağ
Beyhan Yaslıdağ
Faculty Member

Course Content

5 chapters5 videos1 hour 20 minute total time
  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency15:42
  • Bitcoin35:27
Generating Cryptocurrency
  • Generating Cryptocurrency06:42
  • Blockchain08:38
Types of Cryptocurrency
  • Types of Cryptocurrency13:39

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