Bitcoin Transactions for Newbies

Win in Bitcoin with the chain of knowledge! A thorough guide to comprehending the most valued cryptocurrencies.

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  • Bitcoin features and transactions
  • Blockchain and its use
  • Cryptocurrency production
  • Correct investment procedures


The number of people who wish to invest in Bitcoin, a digital currency, is fast growing due to increased knowledge of it and its rising value. It may be characterized as a digital collection of protocols and procedures even if it hasn't been classified as a currency, store of value, asset class, or payment network. It is a decentralized digital money, and the blockchain is the ledger on which transactions are recorded. The creation of many different cryptocurrencies has been facilitated by Bitcoin, which is considered to be the most successful attempt to construct virtual currency.

This course has been designed to look at Bitcoin in-depth and to give knowledge that potential investors can't obtain. In the seminar, comprehensive information about Bitcoin is covered, from how to establish a Bitcoin account and what to look out for to the fundamentals of completing lucrative transactions. The educational material also covers the creation and development of cryptocurrencies as well as the idea of mining. This seminar will serve as your road map for making informed Bitcoin investments.


Beyhan Yaslıdağ
Beyhan Yaslıdağ
Faculty Member

Course Content

6 chapters9 videos3 hour 3 minute total time
Bitcoin Transactions
  • Bitcoin Transactions 124:32
  • Bitcoin Transactions 217:03
  • Bitcoin Transactions 320:30
  • Bitcoin Transactions 421:10
Bitcoin Investment
  • Bitcoin Investment27:10
Frequently Asked Questions About Bitcoin
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Bitcoin12:17
  • Blockchain38:00
Generating Cryptocurrency
  • Generating Cryptocurrency14:47
Bitcoin Glossary
  • Bitcoin Glossary07:52

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