Introduction to Derivatives Markets

Lay the foundation of derivatives markets! Don't skip this course, it's the greatest way to begin exploring derivative markets and products.

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  • Fundamentals of derivatives markets
  • Types of derivative products
  • Applications on BIST
  • Functioning principles of derivatives markets


Futures markets that also include swaps, options, and forward transactions are known as derivative markets. Derivative instruments are financial products whose value is based on the value of an underlying asset. It may be claimed that investors choose derivative markets because they reduce the risks associated with trading on the spot market, protect participants against price changes, and provide benefits including the ability to trade with lower capital requirements than spot markets.

Investors will learn the fundamentals of derivative markets via this course, as well as the many types of derivative products available, how they differ from one another, and how to use them. Derivative instruments and the fundamental concepts governing derivatives markets will first be discussed in the course. Basic information will also be provided on the Borsa Istanbul derivatives market application, which unifies the spot and derivatives markets by adding the futures market. It is a training opportunity for investors who are familiar with capital market instruments like stocks, bonds, and bills and want to expand their portfolio with more complex instruments, as well as for those who want to pass the Capital Markets Board's licensing exams and obtain a derivative instruments license.


Gökhan Ugan
Gökhan Ugan
General Manager and Co-Founder - INFORCE GFG

Course Content

9 chapters25 videos1 hour 35 minute total time
  • Introduction00:37
Introduction to Futures Contracts
  • Definition, History, and Benefits 103:45
  • Definition, History, and Benefits 203:14
  • Definition, History, and Benefits 302:29
  • Definition, History, and Benefits 406:24
  • Order Placement with the Exchange06:59
  • Trading Platforms03:24
  • Taking Positions03:09
  • Calendar Spread Position04:28
  • Inter-Product Spread Position03:58
  • Position Closure04:27
  • Cash and Carry Markets00:58
  • Open Position06:50
  • Settlement Methods02:17
Instruments Traded in Derivative Markets
  • Forward Contracts04:35
  • Futures Contracts 104:32
  • Futures Contracts 204:33
  • Futures Contracts 306:03
  • Futures Contracts 406:21
Futures Contracts Traded in the Options Market
  • Futures Contracts Traded in the Options Market05:24
Introduction to Options and Swap Contracts
  • Introduction to Options and Swap Contracts02:26
Purposes of Derivative Products
  • Risk Management, Arbitrage, and Speculation04:27
BIST Margining Method
  • BIST Margining Method00:51
Accepted Collateral
  • Accepted Collateral02:53
  • Conclusion00:18

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TRY 202.53

1 hour 35 minute total time
Lifetime access
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