Ayşe Bengü Çolakoğlu

Freelance Business Consultant
Ayşe Bengü Çolakoğlu


Ayşe Bengü Çolakoğlu, who started her banking career as a Management Trainee at Garanti Bank, worked as Corporate Planning and Internal Audit Group Manager at Saudi American Bank and TAIB Yatırım Bank, and then as Risk Management and Restructuring Consultant in Corporate Planning, Risk Management, Human Resources. She worked on the subject for 7 years.

In the following years, she advised National Investment, Demirbank, Demir Investment and Şekerbank on restructuring, change management, establishment of Risk Management and Internal Audit Departments within InterConsult. She founded the GSD Investment Bank and Çalık Investment Bank, which was later renamed Aktif Bank.

She later joined Çalık Group. She worked as Assistant General Manager for 3 years and General Manager for 4 years at AktifBank.

In 2001, she became the founding chairman of Kotonline, the electronic cotton exchange that he initiated by bringing together Çalık Group and KoçNet.

Çolakoğlu, who invested in a dairy farming company named Sütko in 2005, sold the farm to the Kuwaiti Dashti Group in 2012.

In 2010, her book titled “2x2 Five Dos”, which she wrote with Ayşegül Güngör, was published by İnkilap Kitapevi.

He has been working as a business partner and consultant since 2007 at Minerva Education ve Consulting provides training to banks, the Association of Intermediary Institutions and real sector companies.


Ayşe Bengü Çolakoğlu